Strategy and Goals

In the Regional and Local Planning Instructions issued by the Oklahoma Office of Workforce Development on March 9th, local workforce development boards in Oklahoma were asked to respond to specific questions about their local
workforce development systems.

In Part A of the local plan, we described our Local Workforce Development System Vision.

There were 7 specific elements in Part A.

The first 5 elements are described here … “Analysis of the Local Area.”

Here (below) are the final two elements of Part A. For each element, a PDF link is included. Each link provides a revised section of the Local Plan that has been prepared.

6. Based on the analysis above, provide a description of the local board’s strategic vision and goals to support economic growth and economic self-sufficiency, including:
a. Goals for preparing an educated and skilled workforce, including individuals with
barriers to employment; and,
b. Goals relating to the performance accountability measures based on performance

Proposed Revision A-6 … for review & comment  

7. Describe the strategy to work with entities that carry out the core programs and
required partners to align resources available to the local area, to achieve the strategic vision and goals.

Proposed Revision A-7 … for review & comment  

Written comments on these proposed revisions may be made by email to Comments may also be submitted using the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this webpage.


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